In the light of Michael Dell's admission that he would happily license Mac OS X to run on Dell's if Apple would let him, Macworld readers are crying "don't do it" to Apple.

A massive 70 per cent of Macworld readers voting in the latest online poll believe that Apple would be foolish to license the Mac OS for use on PCs.

Just 30 per cent of the 1,395 voting would be in support of Apple should they make such a move.

Apple senior VP Phil Schiller has already stated that the company will not license the Mac OS to another computer maker.

"Apple should not license OS X for generic PCs, but Apple should allow other manufacturers to sell MacTels under license conditions set by Apple," suggests one reader.

Another reader says: "If Apple wishes to increase market share a lot (say: more than double it soon) then it probably would be a very good idea."

Attack of the clones

Not everyone is confident that it would be a good move for Apple. "Remember what happened when Apple last went down this road. The clones went after Apples existing customer base. Of course things could be different this time, but if you were Steve Jobs would you take that risk?" says one.

But it may not be such a risk this time. "I think you can be very confident that if Jobs ever announced that MacTels might be licensed to selected computer manufacturers, there would be people beating down his door. He would be able to negotiate from a position of strength," points out one reader.

"It would be like suggesting to Rolls Royce that it should license the name to Nissan in order to see more Rolls badges on the road," jokes another.