An overwhelming 71 per cent of Macworld readers who voted in a reader poll said that they were happy with MacExpo staying London next year. 26 per cent voted for a move away from the capital, with Birmingham's NEC the most popular choice.

Most of those demanding a "more central" location suggested Birmingham or Manchester. Other suggestions included: "at the seaside"; "on a pig farm in Northumberland".

"Apple should have an Expo road show. All the new kit in an iBus constantly touring the home counties and London," suggested one voter.

Many Scots were up in arms about the long distance they had to travel to reach London, although one commented: "I travelled from Scotland to attend. With low air fares available if you book well in advance, there's no excuse for not coming!"

"The fact of the matter is that MacExpo wants the maximum number of punters through the door. This means placing it in the largest population area – London," explained another reader.

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