It seems that Apple's work on its next-generation operating system, Mac OS X, is going well, with a staggering 74 per cent of Macworld readers polled saying that version 10.1 is enough to make them switch from the old Mac OS 9.

In the Macworld Reader Poll (total votes: 1,624), 74 per cent said that they were ready to switch, or had already made the transition to OS X. 14 per cent stated that they were not ready to switch, and 11 per cent weren't sure.

The high vote for OS X 10.1 is even more impressive, given that most of the 'No' comments stated that they would change to X when their favourite applications were Carbonized to take advantage of the new operating system's modern features.

X for ever "I've already switched. Its so much better than pre-OS X. OS X apps rock. Change luddites or drag Apple down!" said one Macworld X convert.

"I switched when the beta appeared, I almost never use OS 9 any more," said another.

"I switched a week ago. Very smooth installation. Not even Explorer makes it crash! Photoshop et al. run well in the Classic mode," reassured an Xer.

"The improvements are vast on my iMac 500 DV. For once the hype was true. It now is a great and fast OS," agreed another Macworld reader.

"My scanner works, my printer works, and it's extremely fast. Goodbye 9.1!" proclaimed an Xophile.

"I have just loaded 10.1, after I bought it from the Apple Store on Wednesday. One word: WOW!" screamed another.

But the words were not all praise for Apple's distribution methods: " I went to buy 10.1 on Saturday in Tottenham Court Road, but it had sold out by lunchtime. Why should I bother if Apple can't be bothered to get enough stock into shops," complained one reader who couldn't upgrade fast enough.

Software all-important factor "There's not enough software yet" was the main reason given for holding back.

"I am a graphic designer ,and can't upgrade to OS X until Photoshop, Quark and the others are running on the new system properly," explained a 'No' voter.

"Until Adobe has a native Photoshop for X, there's no point in upgrading," agreed another designer.

One reader summed up many people's feelings on the matter: "I don't run a Mac just to run an OS. When my apps work under X, then I'll switch."

"If only Apple would sort out the problem with OpenGL support for ATI Rage Pro cards, it would be perfect!" suggested a voter.

"Hey Quark, wake up and Carbonize Xpress. Debug it - the interface on 9.1 looks like System 7. Bleah!!" regurgitated one DTP voter.

"I can't move to OS X until I can back it up!" commented one careful reader.

Some readers were tentative about the big switch: "I'm using X only on my PowerBook for learning purposes. My G4 will still be using 9.1."

But, as this poll suggest, Macworld readers are certainly going to stick with Apple's OS plans, and will make the move en masse in the very near future.

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