Only 4 per cent of Macworld Online readers feel that Mac OS X 10.2 should be a free upgrade – but just 23 per cent say the £99 charge is reasonable.

In a poll asking "how Apple should charge for Mac OS X 10.2", 30 per cent of the 1,339 respondees say Apple should charge £49 for the upgrade, while 27 per cent believe it should cost £15. A further 23 per cent agree £99 is the right price.

Remaining votes were divided between the 17 per cent that thought the upgrade should be a free upgrade, and the 4 per cent who feel 10.2 should be free for everybody,

One voter's philosophical view is that "£99 is too expensive but as a business Apple has to make some money, and a free upgrade is asking too much".

Another rubuked: "Why does everyone seem to want something for nothing? 10.2 looks like a great step forward over an already superb OS (10.1)."

However, most voters view the £99 price-tag as too expensive. One said: "16 months ago I bought an iMac. It didn't come with OS X. Six months ago I paid the full price for OS X. Now I have to pay full price again for 10.2. As an Apple user since Apple II, I'm unhappy that Apple is starting to behave like that well-known purveyor of Windows."

Another voter commented: "To encourage uptake of OS X it should be free." One moaned: "We bought 10.1, so why do we have to pay again, let us download it."

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs announced 10.2 – known as Jaguar in the US – at Macworld Expo New York.