Following the success of last week's MacExpo 2001, 78 per cent of Macworld readers polled (who attended the event) found the London-based show either "excellent" or "good".

Many readers commented that they appreciated the chance to see and get hands-on experience with Apple's new Macs and, especially, Mac OS X.

Excited readers "I attend a lot of trade exhibitions. This was undoubtedly the best and most focussed one yet," wrote an excited voter.

"The show was packed and frenzied. It was of a kind not seen in London over the last few years," said one reader.

"I'll be back. Well done, the organizers," said another.

Criticism was limited to a demand for a seminar programme and "a wider range of food". Readers also said that they'd like to see "an even bigger show next year"

There was, however, much debate among voters about holding the show in London. A vociferous group of Scottish Macworld readers wanted to see the show held, if not in their native land, at least in central England – Birmingham was a popular choice.

"I would have loved to have attended," commented one sad Scot, "but getting to London from Scotland is not easy."

One reader was annoyed about the North London venue: "I think it's awful that it was in Islington. It was to far away for me - I had to travel all the way from Camden".

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