Macworld Online readers say they still need the Power Mac G4, despite the top-end PowerBook G4 now offering 1GHz and a DVD-R SuperDrive.

In a poll asking "Now the GHz PowerBook has DVD-R, who needs a Power Mac?" 85 per cent of voters replied "Me".

Apple ended weeks of rumour by updating its PowerBook range at the start of the month, bringing its pro-portables up to 1GHz and introducing the first-ever slot-loading DVD-R SuperDrive.

Respondents had different reasons for wanting the Power Mac G4; 43 per cent said they needed its PCI slots, eight per cent said "I love upgrading", while a further 34 per cent said it was an essential because "the noise keeps me awake".

Just 14 per cent of the 1,804 voters felt "no one" needed the Power Mac G4.

One reader made no bones about it: "PowerBooks are great, I have one, but Power Mac has dual processors, a better price point, and it looks great with my 22-inch Cinema screen."

Another respondent agreed: "A titanium PowerBook with external screen and keyboard and FireWire drives makes absolutely no sense, and is massively overpriced. A G4 tower and nice cheap iBook with Apple Remote Desktop costs the same as a top-of –the-range PowerBook in any case."

One reader reasoned: "The PowerBook has one processor, the Power Mac has two."

"I would love a PowerBook, but they’re restrictive" was another response.

Another reader begged to differ: "The PowerBook is king" he enthused.

One reader put the question: "Just why is the fan so noisy?"

Another quibbled: "The Sony Vaio is far-better value, has a 16-inch Screen and is 30 per cent cheaper."

"The majority of users have no earthly reason to use PCI," was another reader's reply.