In a Macworld Online readers poll, 91 per cent of respondees said they are either considering an alternative to QuarkXPress or have already switched.

Asked if they would consider moving from QuarkXPress to InDesign, 51 per cent said they were sick of waiting for the Mac OS X version of XPress, while 40 per cent revealed they had already switched. 1,268 people were polled.

QuarkXPress has been updated to version 5.0, but it is not yet OS X-native. Adobe's rival DTP package, InDesign 2.0, is Carbonized for OS X.

The remaining nine per cent declared that XPress rules.

One reader said: "InDesign is a superior package and costs half as much. If Quark used the same promotional offers in Europe as in the US, they would shift more XPress copies.”

Another blasted: "Quark has till January, then I'm ready to go to InDesign. Apple should pay them to release QuarkXPress for OSX. Quark is slowing down the adoption for many users.”

One said of InDesign: “It really isn't that bad and has many features that Quark doesn't have."

Another voter's cutting comments were: "InDesign delivers a good product at a reasonable price and it functions seamlessly with Photoshop and Illustrator. Frankly, I can't understand what Quark is thinking. They're imbeciles who dropped the ball one to many times."

On reader feared that InDesign is an unknown quantity. "The prospect of the design community porting to InDesign sends a shiver down my spine. Quark isn't perfect, but we all understand it and most issues are known."

Another voter echoed this sentiment: "XPress has missed the train, I just wished my clients weren't so scared to switch."