Mac OS X 10.4 – aka Tiger – looks set to be a big hit; 92 per cent of Macworld readers taking part in this week's online poll intend to buy a copy.

Of the 2,411 voters, 31 per cent have already ordered a copy – that's 755 people and counting.

Another 9 per cent intend to pre-order a copy but hadn't at the time of voting.

For 5 per cent pre-ordering would spoil the fun. They intend to be at their local Apple retailer - either the Apple Store on Regent Street, or one of the many Apple Authorised Resellers around the country – to buy a copy the minute it goes on sale: that being 6pm on Friday April 29.

Hanging on

A more reserved 9 per cent will buy a copy a "few days later" and 17 per cent will wait a few weeks. A few months after Tiger hits the shops 21 per cent will take the leap and upgrade their operating system.

Just 9 per cent voted that they will "never" buy Mac OS X Tiger. Perhaps they have other means of obtaining a copy, maybe they are unfortunate enough not to own a Mac, or maybe they will be buying a new Mac with Tiger pre-installed, as is the case with a number of readers writing in the Macworld forum.

The fact that so many Mac fans are putting their faith in Apple suggests that the company has been forgiven for its slowness in getting pre-ordered copies of Panther to its customers. When Panther was launched in October 2003 many customers who had ordered their copy online from Apple were still waiting for it to be delivered days, and in some cases weeks later.