The majority of Macworld Online readers voting in a recent poll think that the Adobe's buyout of Macromedia spells death to GoLive.

Of 1,528 votes, over half, 54 per cent voted that the Dreamweaver Web editor would survive at the expense of GoLive.

Only 7 per cent thought GoLive had the best chance of survival should the two go head to head.

Almost a fifth thought it likely that Adobe and Macromedia would combine the two applications – 16 per cent.

Another 4 per cent thought that the companies would continue to produce both applications separately.

A pessimistic 1 per cent see no future for either application.

Whatever the outcome, 18 per cent simply "don't care".

"I suspect this all comes down to profit," writes one reader. "If Adobe can make a profit with all of the applications, it'll likely continue to support them. If not, GoLive is likely to vanish, because it's simply not up to Dreamweaver's standards, and is far less popular. I suspect Fireworks will also vanish, although the case for Illustrator or Freehand is significantly less clear cut."

Another predicts: "I think the best bits will survive from both to make new version of Dreamweaver (rather than GoLive)."