ADSL is the most popular means of connecting to the Internet according to Macworld online readers. A poll asking "which Internet access do you use?" revealed that 41 per cent of respondents prefer ADSL – but its use is only marginally more prevalent than the old-fashioned dial-up modem, which captured 39 per cent share of votes.

Remaining votes were shared between Internet access options ISDN, satellite broadband and leased line, scoring five per cent, four per cent and 11 per cent respectively.

ADSL wait Many voters chastised BT's tardiness to update telephone exchanges permitting ADSL Internet access.

One voter lamented: "I feel like crying everyday. When will BT give me ADSL? Please update my exchange. ISDN is way too expensive and so is satellite. Don't even talk about leased line, I'm not a millionaire."

"It looks to me like BT never contemplated a scaleable ADSL architecture. So far its lovely broadband site shows less than 20 people who have managed to register an interest," complained another.

Another happy customer answered: "ADSL, since today. Waited too long for it but it was worth the wait."