Macworld's most-recent reader poll asked what you thought of Apple's announcements at New York's Macworld Expo last week. While the biggest vote signalled that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had "disappointed" us with "minor upgrades", nearly as many were positive about the new products as were merely satisfied.

Where's the flash? A massive 44 per cent of voters were "disappointed" with the speed-bumped iMacs and faster, silver Power Mac G4s.

"The lack of really new products was extremely annoying," screamed one voter, who had been expecting flashy new iMacs.

"The iMac desperately needs to be upgraded to compliment the rest of Apple's range. We need more than just an interim upgrade," complained another.

"The announcements weren't bad. It's just that Apple said that this expo would one of the biggest in its history with 'an avalanche' of Carbonized products," explained one such voter.

"Steve Jobs has had his day. The iMac is a dead duck in its current form - upgrade it, Steve, or the Apple will fall from the tree," advised another member of the disappointed legion.

One reader laughed at Apple UK's special entry-level iMac that wasn't announced during the expo keynote: "64MB of RAM? Ha ha ha ha! Good to see that Apple won't be able to run its new OS on its own entry-level machine. Nice one..."

Indeed, the £799 model with CD-ROM instead of CD-RW and just 64MB of RAM (OS X requires 128MB if it's to run anything except iMovie and iTunes right now) is a strange beast. Yes, many do not need a CD-RW, but Apple has unfortunately slid back to charging more in the UK than in the US. The entry-level US model (128MB RAM, CD-RW) costs $999 – about £715.

Stop moaning However, the new machines and Mac OS X update were "just what I needed" for 7 per cent of voters, with a further 16 per cent proclaiming them "excellent updates".

"Think different, you moaners!" screamed one Jobs supporter.

"The Mac OS X update looks very promising," said one forward-thinking reader.

"Considering what Apple has done to Unix in a year or so Mac OS X is absolutely amazing," agreed another.

"Two 800MHz processors - that's an excellent update, and much more important to the Mac community than anything else. Start saving!" suggested another.

"Nothing flashy was announced but the underlying fundamentals got strong support," commented one satisfied reader.

"Apple has itself to blame. It shouldn't keep a lid on things so much. Speculation will kill the Mac faster than lack of product announcements," one reader noted.

Ready steady Over a quarter of voters were satisfied with the new Apple gear and software previews as "standard fare" (28 per cent).

"It's steady progress, but there was little to inspire. The 1GHz chips were promised for August and it's still July. Quit moaning!" commanded one Apple supporter.

One voter pointed out that the keynote announcement "wouldn't have been disappointing if the new-style iMacs hadn't been so pre-hyped". "Apple fans are spoiled," he added.

"The new Power Mac G4 is a significant update, in performance terms if not in appearance. However, the minor iMac update was disappointing," said one reader who was caught between smiling and yawning.

"I think Apple is a victim of its own success. It simply isn't possible for Apple to come out every 3 months and wow everybody," a voter commented.

A mentally challenged 3 per cent found the words of Jobs "confusing".

On the reader wish-list were 1GHz G4s, DDR SDRAM, Mac OS 9.2, lower-end dual-processor Power Mac, and, of course, the much ballyhoo-ed flat-panel iMac – which is now set to either disappoint or delight at Apple Expo Europe in Paris this September…

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