Apple's update to the iBook range was not a moment too soon for 67 per cent of Macworld Online Readers. Other reader requests were also granted by Apple.

Earlier today Macworld polled online readers to ask: "What's most important for an iBook upgrade?". A massive 67 per cent opted for the G4 processor now included in the company's consumer-notebook range.

Also popular was USB 2.0 support, which received the vote of 10 per cent of readers. AirPort Extreme was felt to be a must-have by another 5 per cent of respondents as was a SuperDrive, also receiving 5 per cent of the vote. Apple gave the iBook USB 2.0, but not a SuperDrive option.

Apple's decision not to introduce a 15-inch version of the iBook will come as a disappointment to 4 per cent of readers who expressed that as their preference. And similarly the 4 per cent who were hoping that Apple would reintroduce a colour case to the consumer notebook range will be discontent.

A slot-load CD drive was favourite for just 2 per cent of respondents, while FireWire 800, Gigabit Ethernet, and DVI Video only received 1 per cent of the vote. The new iBook G4 does now feature a slot-loading optical drive.

Before the iBook update this lunchtime one reader predicted: "A G4 processor would be a good idea, but it is unlikely due to the overlap with the PowerBook especially the 12-inch version. I think this will only happen if the PowerBooks move to G5."

But, as one reseller noted: "We have sold very few iBooks recently as they have been suffering from cannibalization from the PowerBook."