Apple is spot-on with its current colour line-up, with Macworld readers voting Silver and Titanium their favourite-ever computer-case colours.

The 34 per cent who voted for the new Power Mac and PowerBook colours were followed by 21 per cent who preferred Graphite – late of the Power Mac, but still the top iMac colour.

One reader, who has ordered a dual-800MHz Quicksilver Power Mac commented: "Naturally I bought if for its functionality, but it has the mercurial look of a German road-machine. Beautiful."

It was a long way down to third position, with just 9 per cent fancying the Snow of the new iBook and iMac. More than a few voters commented that Snow looked a lot better on the iBook than on its desktop counterpart.

"Snow gets a bit grubby if you're gardening and surfing at the same time," said one lime-fingered voter.

Not so Golden oldies Apple's many flavours of blue (Bondi, Blueberry and Indigo polled 13 per cent collectively, but couldn't quite match Snow individually.

After that it was close between all the old Apple colours. Tangerine, Lime and Grape polled 4 per cent each. Strawberry and Ruby grabbed just 3 per cent of the votes – as did the now-ancient beige.

An incredible number of readers were shocked by the absence of Sage from the list of colours. This pale-green iMac colour was short-lived after its introduction alongside Ruby, Indigo and Snow in July 2000. It was replaced by the weird Flower Power pattern this February. However, the Sage Mac Owners Club, or some such organization, mobilized its members to strike-out at Macworld for missing out this colour. You can see what all the fuss was about in the oldie's line-up pictured here.

"I hate to say this, but I did like the Flower Power iMac," ventured one timid supporter of Apple's crazy patterns, released for iMacs in February and promptly dropped this July.

More than one reader asked "Why doesn't Apple make removable covers for their computers?".

Other suggestions included: Tortoise Shell ("The speed of the G4 juxtaposed with a slow reptile case") and translucent beige ("hilarious").

And one plainly nuts voter suggested that "Apple could make the world's first invisible computer".

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