An overwhelming 82 per cent of Macworld UK readers demands that Apple allows the magazine to include its OS updates on its cover-mounted CD - especially following the 76MB combo download for updating previous versions of OS X 10.2 to 10.2.4. 2,092 people responded to the online poll: 1,708 voted in favour of OS updates on a Macworld CD; 384 voted against the idea.

Most Mac users were flabbergasted that Apple refuses Macworld permission to carry the updates, pointing out that broadband uptake in the UK is on a far smaller scale than in the US. Apple does offer its own 10.2.4 combo updater at a cost of £14.

The company used to allow Macworld to carry its free updates on CD, but has denied permission since 1997. Another major player that demands users download its updates is Adobe - mentioned by several voters as Apple's "partner in crime".

A selection of pro comments "An 80-meg download on a 56Kbps line is painfully slow, and often bombs out!"

"Until BT get its Broadband act together and makes high-speed access more readily available, there is absolutely no reason on earth why Apple should not allow publications such as Macworld to provide these software updates directly to their readers via the CD."

"Macworld could offer Apple a database of downloads even on a CD, by requiring a free registration key acquired in exchange for download details over the Internet - reducing the download time to a matter of a few seconds."

"Its about time Apple listened to its consumer base users and made it easier for its loyal customers to keep their machines up to date. Most of us are still on dial-up connections, and will remain so for many years - perhaps for ever in rural areas."

"QuickTime should also be available for PC & Mac on CD."

"Apple should understand that there are people who can't get broadband and whose ISP disconnects after two hours. It would be so much more sensible if they built a utility like iGetter into the OS, so that Software Update could download very large files in multiple attempts and while unattended."

"Until we are all blessed with broadband (there goes a pig), we need an alternative to 3.5 hours of downloading OS X."

"If you're like me and subscribe to Virgin's 27 seven unlimited access, you get disconnected after 2 hours (not enough time to download 90+MB worth of data). Why pay £14 every time Apple decides to release an OS update?"

"At a basic level, providing the updates on CD gives the impression of providing good customer service at a minimum cost to Apple."

"A big plus in subscribing to Macworld is all the software and updates you get with the cover CD - you'll have to introduce a cover DVD if Apple allows you to carry updates though!"

"I have 56Kbps modem and don't want to buy Jaguar because it will mean I have to keep downloading updates for it. I bought a Mac partly because it saves me time not having to mess about with settings or getting it to work. I have better things to do with my time!"

"As a student, I can't afford broadband, and dial-up is so expensive - especially if you want to get the latest OS X updates."

"Although I have broadband always-on, I think Apple should allow Macworld to include all updates, regardless of size. Not everyone in the UK has access to broadband, even if they could afford it. In fact, not everyone has Internet access. Why does Apple want to restrict access to these updates? We already own the software, so we're only keeping in line with Apple's advice to keep up to date. Plus, we'll be saving Apple's money - it must be costing Apple a fortune in hosting bandwidth for all these downloads."

"I agree with updates featuring on MW CDs because not only it helps people with dial up connection, but also enables you to have it on hand should you need to re-install."

"I had to ask a friend with broadband to burn 10.2.3 combo update and iLife update onto disc using his PC. The indignity! "

"People like me with slow internet connections just don't bother to install the updates as they take too long to download. It's about time Apple realized that we don't all live in the US and have broadband."

"I had to fork out £15 for the upgrade disc, only to find out that the next day the 10.2.4 update was released. I can't keep up financially and my phone line connection isn't that reliable."

"I bought Jaguar, but can progress no further."

"At least Apple is updating its OS and applications regularly. If I was a Windows user and had to wait a year to get a security issue dealt with or other bugs squashed, I'd be pretty tee'd off. I still think that Apple should allow updates on CDs, with a key to be obtained via the Net to allow them to count how many people are upgrading"

Anti comments - in full "Apple can make adjustments to updates after they're issued on its Web site."

"Get broadband!"