Macworld readers would like Apple to follow-up it successful iMovie video editor and iTunes music jukebox with a free consumer-level digital-photo editor, according to the latest Macworld online poll.

The poll winner (question: What is Apple missing from its range of software?) was iPicture ? which polled 18 per cent of the vote (of 1,500 responses).

?Apple really needs to have a digital-photo works to be a true digital hub. Users should be able to alter, save and create photo albums with an easy means to send by email,? explained one reader.

Tight second place After iPicture (other rumoured names include iPhoto and iSnap), it was a close run thing for second place. 13 per cent wanted iSpeak ? a tool for voice recognition built right into the Mac OS. Just 1 per cent behind that, was a call for a set of iUtilities. 11 per cent were keen on an iFax module.

?FaxSTF is awkward, and the full version is nigh on impossible to buy in the UK,? said one voter.

A safety-conscious 10 per cent opted for iBackup, but then it was a long drop to iWeb (7 per cent) and Bugdom Pro (5 per cent). iDTP and iMath were drawn at 3 per cent.

?iBackup is for wusses. Just use the diskburner in 9.1 and iGet over it!? stated one opinionated voter.

?Apple started the DTP revolution. It needs to do it again for home users, and go at MS Publisher's throat?, said an iDTP voter.

Get OS X right first ?iDon'tCare! Maybe Apple should spend more time optimizing its OS, rather than messing around with freeware, good though it is,? said one reader who has clearly installed Mac OS X. Other readers also asked that Apple optimize its own programs ( such as Final Cut Pro and AppleWorks) first.

And 12 per cent weren?t sure, clicking the iDon'tKnow answer.

?The piece of software missing from the list at your poll is iSync. Apple needs to create a sync conduit for the Palm that will allow you to create files in AppleWorks and sync them. This could be done to allow small databases, spreadsheets and word-processing documents on a handheld. It would not only be incredibly useful to the millions of Mac users who also use Palm, but move Apple closer to its enterprise goals. It might even find it useful to rewrite and update the Palm Desktop for the Mac, since Apple originally wrote the software,? suggested a reader who didn?t ant any of the options on offer.

Other suggestions Readers also suggested: iCAD; iPad (Palm); iView (QuickTime-based conferencing); iPhone (answer phone); iCash (?since there's no Quicken here in Europe); iCall; iBrowser; iVote; iRemoteControl; iBuilder (application builder); iDance; iMusic; iDatabase (FileMaker Lite); iWindows (emulator); iScribe; iWrite; iCommunicate (multi-standards messenger app); iSQL; . There was also a large calling for iPorn ? about as likely as the return of CyberDog, as one voter requested?

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