The future offspring of Macworld readers are in for a torrid time in the playground if the results of our latest poll is any guide.

Asked "Which font would you name a child after," the top choices were Arial (24 per cent), Geneva (18%), and Zapf Dingbats (12%). More disturbing was the choice of Linotype Univers Condensed Semibold Italic (9%).

Other readers opted for Helvetica (8%), Bembo and Cooper Black (both 7%). Fluted Serif and Hoefler Text Ornamnets were the least popular, receiving just 2 per cent of the vote. Another 14 per cent of readers were not grabbed by the choice of fonts provided, instead making suggestions in Macworld Online Forum.

Just as a baby names book gives the meaning of the names, Forum posters offered some font definitions of their own. Here are some of the best:

"Times, because it took many."

Souvenir, for an adopted child.

"Chigago, as its appearance gives everything a cool, futurist feel and it will be perfect when he becomes an actor."

"Gothic – they'd be an ugly one."

"Anything sans Serif, how would that look? A kid without serifs?"

"Shuriken Boy, for the real nerds."

"Chevara, for a rebel."

"Bookman Old Style, for more-conservative parents."

"Van Dijk, for someone with artistic leanings."

"Nimbus Condensed, for someone who aspires to be a weather forecaster.