While Macworld Online readers want Apple to bring all the latest technologies to market, some warn that it may be too early to include a Blu-ray drive in the Mac Pro when it launches.

A recent poll asked readers: "Should Apple include a Blu-ray drive in the Mac Pro at launch?". While 13 per cent just weren't sure what they think to the question, the majority vote said "Yes".

We received 1,348 votes, of which 53 per cent said: "Yes, to be one of the first with the technology". While 28 per cent advised Apple to wait a while, saying: "It's too early" to champion a next-generation HD video format".

Spare a thought for the alternative HD-DVD format, which 7 per cent said they thought was "better" than Blu-ray. Some manufacturers also think its better, because they can simply tweak their existing DVD disc factories to make media for the standard.

Reasons against including Blu-ray drives as standard include the fact that many such drives currently available lack support for CD and DVD burning.

Some rumours have suggested Apple may include a second optical drive slot in its future pro Mac, which drove a reader to observe: "Having two optical drives slots and having to remember which one is used for what doesn't sound very elegant."

"It might be a different matter if there was tons of Blu-ray content out there with users screaming to play it, but as things stand at the moment, I'd have thought that most users would be better off with a SuperDrive. When more versatile Blu-ray drives become available, Apple should offer an upgrade kit."

With the battling standards are still in their infancy, many readers suggested that Apple should offer both Blu-ray and HD-DVD drives as build-to-order options for those who need them, rather than as standard fittings that would need to be paid for by consumers who had no need for them.

"There's no point in hiking the basic price up for what is at the moment niche hardware," a reader wrote.

Apple is an active member of the DVD Forum which developed the HD-DVD standard, and a member of the board of directors of the Blu-ray Disc Association.

Some readers just don't buy the next-generation DVD hype: "Personally, I wonder whether there is a real need for either format," one said. "I don't reckon people will be buying films on DVD in a few years, and when it comes to transferring stuff from Mac to Mac, i reckon we'll either store it on a hard drive, or host it somewhere online for someone to access."