Mac users still have a soft spot for the now-defunct G4 Cube, a Macworld Online readers poll shows.

Readers were asked: How should Apple replace the CRT G3 iMac? A total of 40 per cent of respondents said they want the award-winning Cube to be resurrected.

Although the Cube failed to capture a large market, readers believe that with the reduced cost of LCD displays, a re-launched Cube would now be more affordable. When it discontinued the Cube in July 2001, Apple said that "there is a small chance we will reintroduce an upgraded model of the unique computer in the future". At the time of its demise the cheapest Cube was the 450MHz model, which cost £949 (ex VAT).

Cheaper Cube, please One pro-Cube reader said: "With LCD displays much cheaper than a year ago, Apple could bring back the Cube."

Another insisted: "The benefit of a consumer Cube and display over the current flat-panel iMac is that you could upgrade the Cube independently of the display. It would fit somewhere in-between Apple's consumer and professional line-ups."

There's also healthy support for a cheaper eMac, with 23 per cent of the 587 voters believing this would best fill the gap left by the demise of the CRT iMac. One reader said: “I think a drop in price for the eMac will fill the empty void that the CRT iMac leaves.”

eMac's the answer One reader said: “The eMac could fill the low-end space for now. We certainly don't need another machine to fill the perceived gap, and definitely not a Cube.”

Another believes a redesigned eMac is the way ahead: "The eMac is really ugly. Why not let Mr Ive make it more attractive?"

A further 22 per cent believe that the G4 iMac already fills the gap, and that no replacement is needed.

One reader commented: “What would be the benefit of a Cube over a flat-panel iMac? I think the dismal failing of the Cube last time should give a hint to its market viability."

Confused product line Another believes that “one of Apple's biggest pre-iMac problems was a confused product line" and that "in some ways we're heading for that again".

Several readers say the CRT iMac had to go because of the its CRT display, with one declaring: “The old iMac's CRT display was pretty poor. Even if it displays colours a little better than many LCD screens, it still makes your eyes go squiffy.”

Another predicts that “CRT technology is only alive while LCDs are expensive", adding that "I don't see CRTs lasting too much longer, in either schools or the home."

Only 15 per cent of respondents wish to see a screenless entry-level Mac fill the CRT iMac void.