The majority of Macworld Online readers based in the UK spend between £21-£25 per month on broadband access.

In a recent poll we asked readers how much broadband connections cost them. An impressive 1,432 readers chose to vote in the poll.

Reader comments revealed that common providers included: Demon, Telewest, Plus Net, BT Broadband, Virgin, AOL, Be, Bulldog, Metronet, Nildram and MacAce.

Many readers noted that some of these providers seem a little lacking when it comes to Mac support, with limited experience on their technical teams and documentation that leaves much to be desired.

Readers also seem to be growing angry with providers, who they accuse of not doing enough to keep existing users happy - the "New Customers Only" factor.

"Why don't broadband providers offer their existing loyal customers the same great deals as new customers. I can understand not charging less for the first 12 months but beyond that it's just greed," one reader complained.

Price is also an issue, with disparities in terms of bandwidth, up and download speeds and cost between providers.

"I feel somewhat cheated that I'm paying so much for a relatively slower line. I am actively looking to change. I don't really care so much about services, as I don't want email, storage space and so on as I get all those through work," a reader remarked.

The results of the poll follow:

Free: 32 voters, 2 per cent of all votes.
£10 or less: 48 voters, 3 per cent of all votes.
£11-14: 81 voters, 6 per cent of all votes.
£15-17: 193 voters, 13 per cent of all votes.
£18-20: 257 voters, 18 per cent of all votes.
£21-25: 481 voters, 34 per cent of all votes.
£26-30: 189 voters, 13 per cent of all votes.
Over £30: 104 voters, 7 per cent of all votes.
Still on dial-up: 35 voters, 2 per cent of all votes.
No Internet at home: 12 voters, 1 per cent of all votes.