Two-thirds of Macworld Online readers believe that dropping Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote from the Create event is ill-advised.

Create is the replacement event for Macworld Expo New York.

A total of 61 per cent of reader-poll respondents say dropping Jobs' speech is a bad idea, with one reader saying that “Apple would be better off cancelling the show all together”.

Jobs is Apple Another said: “Steve Jobs is Apple. That’s how the industry sees it, right or wrong.”

Only 20 per cent of respondents thought Apple had made the right decision, with a further 19 per cent being unsure.

While the majority think the keynote is important, others speculated on the reason behind the decision: “If Jobs is not there, it probably means there's nothing new to show us,” one said.

Above all else, what most Mac users want is new, and better, products.

Give us products, not shops “I like the keynotes in which Jobs unveils something new and exciting, not those in which he tells us how well the US Apple stores are doing,” says one reader.

Another agreed: “If there's something really exciting to talk about I'm in for a keynote, but if all he has to say is that this Mac is 0.25Ghz faster than last year's, then forget it.”

Many are keen to see a next-generation Mac, expected by many to contain the new IBM PowerPC 970 processor, while others are hankering after Mac OS 10.3 - codenamed Panther.

But, as one reader asked: “Do we always need ‘Daddy' to be there to bring us new toys?”