The CRT iMac is the greatest ever G3 machine, say Macworld Online readers.

The iconic translucency of Jonathan Ive’s iMac won 40 per cent of the vote, and was endorsed by one voter as being "revolutionary". In second place was the white iBook (18 per cent), and third was the PowerBook G3 (16 per cent).

The blue-&-white Power Mac landed 14 per cent of the vote, and bringing up the G3 rear were the beige Power Mac (7 per cent) and the clamshell iBook (6 per cent).

Announced in May 1998 and shipped in August, the original iMac, with its stylish case design and translucent "Bondi Blue" plastics, was Apple's answer to consumer computing. It was designed with ease-of-use and the Internet in mind, and went on to become the top selling U.S. computer in 1998 with 800,000 units sold.

Many readers credit this iMac with single-handedly turning around Apple’s fortunes. One reader said: "The original iMac probably saved Apple."

Another said: "With the original iMac Apple showed the world what a computer really could be like, and at the same time resurrected its fortunes."

"The G3 iMac has to be the greatest G3 Mac because of the impact it had on the computer market," believes another.

One reader admitted that the G3 iMac won out because “it brought me back to being a Mac user".

Not everyone is in awe of the iMac, however. One reader said: "The iMac might have cornered the effeminate market but technically it was rubbish. It attracted users through pretty colours and not performance."

One reader lauds the Pismo Powerbook G3: "The design of that particular model was way ahead of its time. The sleek curves still look good today, and it's thinner and more compact than a lot of the current gargantuan PC laptops. Pull it out on a train and nobody would know you're using a three-year-old machine!"

Also receiving praise is the blue-&-white G3 Power Mac. "That was a thing of beauty. One morning I saw our IT guy setting up one of those in the office, and it was like an UFO had landed, I was in awe, as were my colleagues. That's when I knew Apple was back."