The latest Macworld poll asked readers to complete the following sentence: "Apple’s now-scrapped G4 Cube was…". Reaction to the now "on ice Cube" was generally positive, with 54 per cent agreeing that the compact pro Mac was either "Ahead of its time" (26 per cent) or "The best-looking computer ever" (28 per cent). But the Cube failed to light-up Apple's sales figures for a reason, and voters believed that was because the award-winning machine was just "Way too expensive" (32 per cent).

Readers seemed genuinely upset that this forward-thinking object of desire was being canned. "It's too cute to die," cried one voter.

"The demise of the Cube reaffirms my belief in humankind - the belief that most people have no taste," one furious Cube fan wrote.

"It is already a connoisseur's item," claimed a Cube owner.

"It was ahead of its time, and the best looking computer ever. But most of all, it was extremely way, way, way (with sugar on the top) too expensive," explained a voter who's wallet couldn't stretch to the little wonder.

Too soon "The Cube has flawless engineering and beautiful design. It was just too soon for the market," wrote one reader.

"There's no doubt that computers will be smaller in the future, so once again Apple was there first," a reader opined.

"God, I wanted this product. But I couldn't possibly justify its cost compared to an iMac," said a voter who agreed with many of the readers who decided on an iMac instead of the Cube.

"You pay for style," argued a voter who agreed with Apple that the Cube was a premium product.

"Personally, I expect to pay higher for the advanced digital technology used to create the Cube," agreed another.

"I bought the top-of-the-range Cube and a 23-inch Cinema Display," said one Cube-owning reader. "I saved stacks of desk space… but then again, I could have just bought a G4 tower and a bigger desk…"

Show offs The Cube was "Jonathan Ive showing off, according to 2 per cent of the poll, with a further 1 per cent dismissing it as "Steve Jobs' foot stool".

"It was just Apple showing off. Big, beige and a bright stripy logo - that's how they ought to be. Give me back my IIfx," said one old timer.

Some readers were angry at the wasted opportunity: "Why wasn't that time put into making the iMac a stronger computer?" asked one such voter.

Readers did have opinions on how Apple could resurrect the Cube:
"They should relaunch it as an iCube, with a CDRW, Zip drive and AirPort," suggested one voter.

"I expect to see it revived as a rack-mounted server component," added another.

Cube failings 4 per cent believed it to be "Technically flawed", although just 1 per cent claimed that it was "Still too big". That said, 2 per cent called the Cube "A load of rubbish".

"Although it was too expense, the flaws in the power switch and plastic casing - coupled with the inability to upgrade - were the main causes of death" explained a reader, alluding to the Cube's checkered beginnings.

"The Cube lacked expansion possibilities," complained another.

"Limited expandability and high price made this a product of hope rather than prosperity," one reader suggested poetically.

"Having to turn the whole thing upside-down to connect FireWire peripherals is daft. Did it really win design awards?" asked one incredulous reader.

"The Cube had way too many cables. The marketing photos showed none - but when you set it up, its looks were spoiled," a Macworld reader complained.

One voter who wanted to express his dismay at the Cube's end summed it up nicely: "I guess the Cube was the square peg in the round hole. Think Different."

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