Now that Apple has done away with the optical drive on all Macs bar the MacBook Pro and, for now at least, the rarely updated Mac Pro, we asked Macworld readers whether they feel they need an optical drive on their Mac. Clearly Apple thinks that the Superdrive isn’t so super any more. 

Almost half (44.2%) said that yes, they do need an optical drive. 

However, just over a quarter (26.9%) said they could live without an optical drive and just over a fifth (21.8%) said they couldn’t even remember the last time they used one. 

That left 7.1% (joking, probably) that they didn’t know what an optical drive is. 

Apple may feel that the results of the survey prove that they can confidently ditch the optical drive, after all, that’s 55.8% who are not going to miss having a CD/DVD drive on their Mac. In this era of the Mac App Store for software and iTunes Store for music and movies, why would anyone want to insert a disc? 

However, 44% is still a big chunk of Mac users. What are they using their optical drives for? 

We asked our followers on Twitter. Here are some of the best responses: 

Can’t live without an Optical Drive...


I still use an optical drive. Useful for backing up raw photos from camera when no internet connection whilst traveling. I use my optical drive for watching DVDs whilst away from home. Not into download videos as they lack extras etc. 


Need my optical drive so that I can rip my CD / DVD collection for my iPad / iPhone! I'm not buying my content again!


I still prefer CDs for music (old school!). Plus, I’ve got a blu-ray drive in my Mac Pro. 


Nope. I still need to burn CDs or DVDs for clients.


I can't imagine life without one. Movie files take up to much space...DVD's are still...'in'.

Don’t need an Optical Drive 


I bought the Ext. Superdrive with my Retina MBP, used about 3 times to burn CD’s for the car!


I've had my macbook pro for two years now and not one CD has been inserted .. definitely the death of the optical drive :) 


Besides initial setup on the work desktops the optical on all bar one or two never get used. My home (and a few clients now) MBP are all dual hard drived (SSD/HDD combo) and I've got a USB optical for when needed. 


I’ve been living without an optical drive for years 

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