Answering Macworld's online poll "Which PowerBook is for you", 39 per cent of readers plumped for the compact 12.1-inch PowerBook G4 - narrowly beating the preferences of the 34 per cent who'd rather have the new 17-inch PowerBook.

20 per cent of voters said they'd wait until Apple released a 15-inch model in the new Aluminium casing. With FireWire 800 and AirPort Extreme. Of these just 7 per cent were too impatient to wait, and will be buying the current Titanium-cased 15-inch PowerBook.

763 Macworld readers voted.

One of the 12-inch fans summed up feeling by describing Apple's smallest-ever laptop as "cute and way better looking than the iBook".

Another reader lamented the lack of L3 cache and digital-video output on the 12-inch.

Fatter pursed voters saw the world's first 17-inch laptop as the perfect dektop replacement, one gushing: "Stunning! Beautiful! Where's my credit card? At last, a desktop replacement. Perfect for all of us who live in designer cupboards, er, apartments. I just wish Apple could make them a little more quickly. 7-10 weeks is ridiculous - I want it now!"

"The 17-inch AIBook gives a decent screen size for use around the house. It doesn't have to fit into a small bag to be 'portable'," said another.