Two thirds of Mac OS X users leave their Dock in the default position at the bottom of the screen, a Macworld Online reader poll shows.

The poll asked readers: "Where does your Mac OS X dock live?" It revealed that 42 per cent of readers place their dock on the bottom "with magnification on". A further 24 per cent of the 981 respondees said they place the Dock at the bottom with magnification off.

The Dock offers users easy access to their most-used features, applications and documents.

Other results included: Left, with magnification on (10 per cent); left, with magnification off (9 per cent); right, with magnification on, and right, with magnification off (both 8 per cent).

One voter said: "This poll says one of three things: that Apple is pretty smart; that users are new; or that they’re the type who don't mess around with things."

Another said: "I love my Dock so much that I’ve created the equivalent in the same place on my work Wintel PC. I know, it's a scandal. Having it at the side gives much more length to the page.”

"I find it easier going to the left of the screen rather than to the bottom, as you don’t have to drag your wrist towards you," was one respondee’s comments.

Another said: "Putting it at the left places my applications where my brain expects to find them."