More than half of Macworld online readers voting in this week's poll think that Apple would be daft to move the Mac to Intel processors.

A massive 64 per cent of the 1,534 voting think that IBMs PowerPC rules.

However a significant fifth (17 per cent) think that Apple should make the move as Intel chips are "faster and cheaper".

Another fifth (20 per cent) don't care what Apple does.

Readers writing on Macworld's forum are mostly against any suggestion that Apple might become too friendly with Intel.

One writes: "They should move to Intel only if they want to leave the computer business all together."

But another suggests: "If the G5 PowerPC boys can't deliver then stuff 'em. It would be a worse business decision to stick with them rather than give the Intel crowd a try."

"Whether Apple uses IBM, Motorola or Intel processors is not really the key question," said another. "Apple will never gain hardware market share by changing processors alone - unless they want to add Windows to their machines. The key question is will OS X run on Intel PCs. It's OS wars not Processor Wars and the profit Apple can make on a CD and box has to be many times higher than they can achieve with hardware."

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