For just over a third (35 per cent) of Macworld readers voting in this week's poll, the best thing about the new iMac, unveiled at Apple Expo Paris, is its G5 processor.

Described by Apple as "the world's thinnest deskop", the triumph of getting everything into the 2-inch thick display has impressed another 27 per cent. The new product integrates the entire computer right into the flat-panel display, including a G5 chip, up 600MHz front-side bus, 400MHz DDR memory expandable to 2GB, AGP 8X graphics, and 7200rpm Serial ATA drives up to 250GB.

Another popular feature is the price. More than a tenth (12 per cent) of the 2,150 readers who registered their opinion on the poll, voted their approval of the new iMacs value for money.

"This version is excellent value. 64 bit processing in a monitor for under £1,000," was the reaction of one reader writing in the forum.

For some readers the new iMac just can't match the good looks of the previous models; 11 per cent "preferred the last one", and a notable 2 per cent of readers even preferred the original iMac.

One reader said: "As nice as this G5 iMac is, it's not a patch on the design and style of the last one. The movable LCD screen, the speakers, the dome design, it's just perfect."

Looking good

However, another 10 per cent say that the new iMac "looks cool". One reader said: "I liked the angle-poise iMac but I think I like this better. It's got an even smaller form factor than the angle-poise iMac but packs a G5 processor – which we know is tricky to manage from the heat point of view."

The new model is available in both 17-inch and 20-inch configurations, but screen size was the top feature for just 2 per cent of readers. One reader suggested that Apple should create a 30-inch version; perhaps if it had this feature would have received more votes.

The new iMac does receive some criticism from games fans that do not believe the graphics card is sufficient.

"They need a better graphics card. If they had had a 9800 as an option on the 20-inch I'd have ordered one by now," said one reader.

Another said: "The new iMac isn't going to cut it when someone sticks in a game in a year's time and find it doesn't play very well. This is exactly what happened with the original iMacs and has been a running gripe with a lot of iMac users."