Though news of the iPod and iTunes dominated, there were a number of other notable Mac moments in 2004. For more than a quarter (26 per cent) of Macworld Online readers voting in our end of year poll, the launch of the iMac G5 was the news that mattered most.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs' return to work following recuperation from cancer was what mattered most to 17 per cent. One reader wrote: "The world and Apple just wouldn't be the same without old Steve."

The iPod's domination was the big news for another 17 per cent. "It's great that Apple's actually dominating a market for a change," said one reader.

Of the 1929 voters, 9 per cent said that Mac OS X evolutions mattered most to them. The launch of iTunes Music Store in the UK, Europe, and Canada, was most interesting for 8 per cent, as was the launch of the Apple Store in London (also 8 per cent).


News of the soaring share price – which tripled in 2004 – was the news that impressed 5 per cent. One reader asked: "What's happened to all the analysts who were predicting that Apple would go bust?"

Another 5 per cent thought that the launch of the AirPort and the extension of the digital home mattered most.

News of the Xserve G5, and particularly Virginia Tech's cluster, was most interesting to 3 per cent. Just 1 per cent said that the deal between U2 and Apple that saw a special edition iPod and a compilation of all of U2's music being made available was the biggest story of the year.

One reader noted that although not a fan of U2 "I'm all for anything that helps iPod sales, not as though it needs any help".