Graphite and Bondi blue are the two all-time favourite colours of the CRT G3 iMac, which Apple recently withdrew from general sale.

To mark the passing of Apple's landmark computer, we asked Macworld Online readers: "Now it's no more, which was your favourite CRT iMac?"

Over 900 readers responded. Graphite topped the vote with 26 per cent, closely followed by Bondi Blue/Blueberry with 22 per cent.

"The Graphite model looked the most professional," said one reader.

Another said: "I love my Graphite iMac. I've had it for three years, and have used it almost every day."

"It's got to be Bondi Blue," one respondent said. "That's the colour that set the whole ball rolling for Apple."

The remaining 52 per cent was split evenly between the remaining colours, with Indigo claiming the third spot at 11 per cent.

Snow was next with 9 per cent, followed by Grape and Lime, both with 7 per cent.

Tangerine and Flower Power shared 5 per cent of the vote, although some respondents did admit to admiring the floral design.

As one reader said: "I couldn't bear to work on one all day but you have to admire the audacity of Apple for producing such a way-out and unusual case design. A classic example of Think Different."

Last with 4 per cent were Blue Dalmation and Strawberry/Ruby, although the latter was not without its fans: "Ruby ain't Strawberry. What an insult!" said one.

Another said: "Ruby just works. Ruby goes well with the grey semi-transparent facia, and those curves that follow and complement the CRT display."

Whatever the colour, it seems the CRT iMac has found a place in the hearts of Mac users, and will be remembered fondly for a while to come. As one reader put it: "The iMac hit a sweet spot of functionality, cost and design and will live forever. All-in-one computers are back!"