Over half (53 per cent) of Macworld readers think the new iLife package is a "snip at the price" our latest online poll shows.

Another 12 per cent of readers are resigned to buying the suite despite feeling a little peeved at the cost – they just can't live without it.

However, 26 per cent of Macworld readers refuse to part with their cash for the latest update claiming that iLife should be free. These rebels are joined by 7 per cent of readers who have never had an iLife, and 4 per cent who are waiting patiently for iLife for Windows.

Some readers point out that as iLife is part of the Panther package, owners of the latest version of the operating system should be granted the latest updates. One reader said: "I think it's a bit tight to tell those who have shelled out for Panther - or a brand new Mac - in the last couple of months (and those who will buy Panther in the future) that they will have to live with any bugs or flaws in the iLife applications unless they are prepared to buy the whole new package."

Other readers object to being obliged to part with their cash for applications they will never use, and especially for features that are not available in the UK. One said: "The product offered in Europe has fewer usable features and costs more than the exact same product sold in the US."

Another said: "I am unlikely to use GarageBand (although it is very cool) and I only use iMovie on the odd occasion. And iTunes is still free (at the moment)." But despite his grumbles the reader still admits: "£39 is good value, you can't argue with that".

Macworld Readers accept that new addition GarageBand – Apple's music application that turns your Mac into a musical instrument and recording studio – makes the price easier to swallow. "I would have paid that for GarageBand alone," said one.

Another points out that when looked at in perspective the price is rather impressive. "£39 for a quality DVD creation tool, sound tool, photo editor and the ability to create audio CD/DVDs. Not bad. Cost of night out."

But other readers disagree: "What with having to pay for Panther and the fact that Macs are generally more expensive anyway, part of the attraction is the excellent quality bundled software, so the costs of iLife and all its other iPals should be covered by what we have already paid."