Apple's iPod digital-music device is "fantastic" say an overwhelming 81 per cent of Macworld readers, polled this week. However, 67 per cent complained that the 5GB MP3 player is "too expensive". Over 1,000 responses to the poll were recorded.

"It's beautiful. It's practical. It's overpriced. It's Apple!" commented one Macworld reader.

A further 10 per cent went so far as to say the device's high £349 (inc. VAT) price-tag would deter them from purchasing an iPod. The general feeling for a reasonable price ranged from £199 to £299.

"I would really love to buy one, but at that price its very unlikely that I will do. If the price came down to a more realistic £250 then I would buy," said a voter who summed-up many's feelings.

24 per cent of voters didn't care about the price, labelling the iPod as a must-have.

"Will Apple make a DV camcorder for iMovie next?" asked one forward-thinking reader.

2 per cent found the iPod "average". A further 2 per cent thought Apple "should stick to Macs" – one calling the iPod a "Yuppie porn object". Just 1 per cent called it "rubbish".

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