Apple must not focus on iPod at the expense of Macs, Macworld Online readers believe.

Although 46 per cent say Apple should place equal stress on iPod and Mac, another 45 per cent believe Mac should be Apple's main priority. Just 2 per cent think Apple should make the iPod its main concern.

Another 7 per cent of 1,210 poll respondees say Apple should focus its attention on "something new".

The poll followed Apple's decision to split the company into Mac and iPod divisions. Analysts suggest the move will result in a increased focus on expanding digital devices.

In focus
Most readers believe the new business divisions make sense. One reader said: "It's a sensible business move to prevent competition for focus of attention. Each division can do what it does best, and personnel can be seconded or hired between them. This will allow Apple to expand in both areas."

Another reader said: "Apple can devote more time and resources by operating as two separate companies. It should give it more time to update and maintain the PC side of the business while not taking its eye off the ball in terms of the iPod market."

Another said that "the two operations will develop at their own pace and in whatever direction seems appropriate to the development teams".

Winning Windows
One reader observes: "It makes sense to separate the iPod and iTunes operations from the Mac side because they are being marketed to both Mac and Windows users."

Another notes: "The iPod might do better not to be so strongly associated with Apple because some people might have a perception that they aren't Windows compatible."

Another says: "It allows the division to employ lots of Windows programmers working on lots of Windows PCs without it being such a big deal."