It's home stereos rather than special speakers most Macworld Online readers favour for integrating iPods into their homes.

Macworld asked: "Do you use your iPod with specially-designed speakers?"

A total of 995 readers voted in the poll, with one-third of voters (340 votes, 36 per cent) revealing that they plug their iPod into their stereo.

However, 35 per cent (335 voters) do use, or plan to buy, external iPod speakers. 24 per cent (229 voters) do so already, while 106 voters (11 per cent) plan on buying some in future.

Some users don't favour either flavour for iPod integration, 278 voters (29 per cent of the sample group) are "unlikely ever to use specially-designed speakers", they said.

Readers who do use speaker systems named Bose, InMotion and the JBL speakers as systems they used, with many confirming that their iPods have become the heart of their home stereo systems.

One reader has invested in an Navipod remote control to change tracks, and confirmed his future Mac media centre cunning plan: "I plan to move to a dedicated iMac running iTunes with my collection on in the future. This will be streamed via a network to my HiFi," he said, adding, "got to buy a house first though!"

Others already use the Mac as the seat of their audio at home, connecting it to the stereo using AirPort Express.