The majority of Macworld online readers voting in this week's poll think that the iPod Socks are in keeping with the spirit of Christmas.

Almost half (43 per cent) think they are a "nice seasonal joke", and 24 per cent say they are the "perfect Christmas present".

But a third (33 per cent) of the 1,654 voters think that the socks are "Stupid".

iPod Socks could be this year's must-have stocking-filler. "It will be Apple's equivalent to the oranges and walnuts in the bottom of your childhood Christmas stocking," predicts one reader.

Tea Cosie anyone?

But other readers are less positive. One says: "They are without doubt the worse thing Apple has ever come up with. They look cheap and tacky. They look like tea cosies. The opposite of what I expect from Apple.

"It makes me laugh to remember that Apple CEO Steve Jobs cancelled all Mac merchandise, such as watches, pens, and T-Shirts when he came back because he though they were tacky," he continues.

"I will definitely not buy that cheap, horrible, tacky sock to house my beautiful iPod," he rants.