Nearly a third of Macworld Online readers think the iPod is too expensive.

A poll marking the iPod's first birthday asked readers: "Do you desire or own an iPod?"

A slim majority of 27 per cent felt it was overpriced, while 26 per cent said they were " not interested".

The remaining 47 per cent of votes of the 1,316 polled were divided into the 19 per cent who expressed an interest in buying one and the 28 per cent who already own one. Of these owners, 16 per cent own the 5GB version, seven per cent have bought the 10GB model, while 5 per cent forked-out for the 20GB iPod.

One reader is desperate to get his hands on one: "I desperately want a 20GB model but it’s way too expensive – but I am saving."

Another said: "Nobody can convince me that this thing is worth that much. Mac is becoming a money-grabbing company that's too big for its own good. They never used to be that way."

"Reduce the price and I’ll buy one," urged another reader.

One voter's suggestion was to buy a second-hand iPod – “but not for a while, as even second-hand iPods are still too expensive."

One respondee admitted that although he believes iPods are too expensive, “I’d buy one if I had the cash".

But another moaned: "Why can't Apple make an iPod that’s compatible with the tapes that I use with my 12-year-old Walkman? I don't think the iPod will still be working in two years, let alone 12."

Another reader commented: "I bought one at last year's MacExpo and now can't live without it. I just wish Apple had included a case, because it's now scratched and scruffy.”