Macworld Online readers have been vocal over features they believe should be added to Apple's digital-jukebox software iTunes.

The most popular choice was a means of automatically identifying and deleting duplicated songs (26 per cent). One reader suggested Apple could add a "flag duplicates" option.

Close behind (21 per cent) was the ability to mix tracks like a DJ – offering iTunes users the opportunity to create professional-sounding party playlists. One reader said: "It would be good to incorporate some sort of DJ mixing facility and beat matching. iPods are already being adopted by DJs, and this would further raise the Apple profile in that area."

The other suggestions included: Advanced playlist-management (13 per cent); customizable radio stations listings (10 per cent); the ability to assign multiple genres to tracks (9 per cent); and a sort-by-artist-name feature (5 per cent);

A tenth of respondees had their own ideas about what features were missing.

Many suggest iTunes should not split mixed tracks into separate ones, adding an "irritating" pause or lurch in the music. However, one reader says: "You can opt not to split mixed tracks as you import – shift-click to select the tracks, and then select Join CD Tracks from the advanced menu. Then when you import, they become one track."

There is some criticism of the CDDB Gracenote database that iTunes uses. This relies on the general public correctly uploading the data in the first place and therefore accounts for incorrect information and spelling mistakes. In one reader's experience, CDDB Gracenote bought up sexually explicit track names that had nothing to do with the CD he was downloading information for.

Other suggestions include:

"The ability to add colored labels of songs like in the Finder."

"A record button to allow users to record and edit audio."

"The ability to record radio – in particular Radio 4 comedy shows such as Dead Ringers and The Now Show."

"A purchase history facility – offering a way to list the date music was purchased and the amount paid."

"iTunes should be able to offer music recommendations based on all my ratings."

"Many music CDs now come with video. iTunes should have a video jukebox playlist. So that you can watch and see the music – this would be popular with pubs, clubs, and shops."

"I would like the iTunes visualizer to have an option to use artwork from the album cover."

"iTunes should offer simple editing of tracks so that users can get rid of those annoying long gaps before hidden tracks."

"It should be possible to order tracks in emotional chronological order."

"It would be great if specific keyboard keys could be used to trigger certain tracks."

"I'd like to be able to see or assign album art to a playlist."

"iTunes should have a last import feature, like iPhoto. I often want to find the last album I've imported, and have to go and do a search for it to find it."

"Opera needs to be added as a genre."

"I'd like to see the addition of checkboxes in the Album column in the Browser view. Then you could select a number of albums to play without creating a playlist."

"How about being able to rank whole albums."

"A Create Playlist from Selected Albums menu item would be much easier than selecting and dragging."

"iTunes should have a field for the artist featured on a track, e.g. Basement Jaxx feat. Dizzee Rascal."

"I use iTunes only for classical music, and I say - lose the word Songs from the menu. Nothing I have stored here is a song. What's wrong with the word Track?"

"Would it really hurt to have .wma support?" Is the suggestion of one reader. In the light of Napster CEO Chris Gorog's comments in the Guardian earlier this week, will iPod and iTunes owners continue to be content with being limited to the ACC format?