Asked which Apple iApp they could not live without, over half of Macworld Online readers (57 per cent) named iTunes.

One said: "I spend every hour I'm awake listening to music. iTunes is always the first app to be loaded up and last to be turned off."

"iTunes is part of my everyday life," said another. "It's installed on my PC at work and I listen to it through headphones to help me get through the tedious parts of the day."

Another reader relies on iTunes to get through the working day. "It helps keep me sane," he said.

iTunes has also sparked a small revolution in the home. According to one reader: "I never use the CD player now." Another stated: "Not even my hi-fi is as nice to use as iTunes."

One reader explains how iTunes has changed the way he listens to music at home. "Now, instead of firing up all those expensive hi-fi components I've collected over the years, I plug my PowerBook into my amp and there's my whole music collection at my fingertips. Friends coming over? I create a tailored playlist in no time, set it going, and there is no need to change the music all evening."

Even worse than having to live without iTunes would be losing all the music stored on a Mac having spent hours downloading a CD collection. Iomega's vice president and European managing director Ulrike Tegtmeier told Macworld: "People have loaded their whole music collections onto their Macs, our advice is to back it up – especially if you don't own an iPod – it would be devastating to lose all that music."

On Safari The Apple application that is second in the popularity stakes is Safari, with 21 per cent.

One reader explains his love affair with the Apple browser: "For me it has to be Safari. It's a sublime browser. Tabbed browsing is nice – I can open all my favourite sites with one click."

Other readers agree. One says: "Safari is excellent and much nicer to use than Internet Explorer."

Another 9 per cent of readers are attached to iPhoto. For one: "iPhoto is great for two reasons: for the slideshows and for the integration with .Mac. I used to spend many evenings resizing and enhancing my photo collections then crafting Web pages in html to house them all. Now it under five minutes to do the same – with markedly better results."

One reader points out: "Although I regularly use iPhoto to manage my many digital stills, it doesn't matter how good the other iLife apps are – they will only ever be niche or occasional use apps for most people."

Receiving 3 per cent of the vote is iMovie, .Mac also gets three per cent. Next in line are iDVD and iChat, both of which receive 2 per cent of the vote.

The new GarageBand application receives just 1 per cent of the vote, as do iBlog (available on .Mac) and other (whatever than may be.)

Although few have yet found it to be a lifeline, GarageBand does receive praise from one Macworld reader. "GarageBand is going to become seriously addictive – especially with all the add-ons around. Nice one Apple," he says.

As it is such a new application many readers are yet to enjoy GarageBand. One said: "I am looking forward to playing with GarageBand – it could easily become my new favourite."