“Should Apple scrap the G3 iMac?” Macworld asked its readers last week. 59% of those polled (Total votes: 529) said “No, keep it cheap”. A further 2% said they preferred its small screen to a larger one.

37% want Apple to scrap the old-style G3 iMac – with 28% saying it should go G4, and 9% complaining that its 15-inch screen is “too small”.

2% of those polled weren’t sure whether Apple should scrap the G3 iMac or not.

Comments included: “I wouldn't say that the G3 chip is dead, but the G3 iMac has other substandard components that make it below recommended spec for new software requiring a certain graphics card, such as the impending OS 10.2 with Quartz Extreme”

“ I want something cheap and cheerful for kids without "breaky" angle-poise bits.”

“A cheap entrance to Mac OS is necessary.”

“Apple should continue to manufacture the G3 iMac as long as it is economically feasible. Perhaps they should drop the price to make it an incredibly affordable entry-level machine that can really attract PC converts - it is also a great second machine for a wireless home network.”

“Come on Apple! Give us an iBase (eMac/iMac without screen), so we can buy an iScreen and eat iCecream.”

“Now the eMac is available for all, the 15" CRT should go. I've said it before - too much choice has been bad for Apple in the past. Also most Macs since G3s came out can be upgraded to G4s now anyway. No need for 'em anymore. Are they really that much cheaper than a G4?”

“Elementary schools and parents buying computers for children would benefit from a low-cost G3 iMac. Most elementary schools will not be going to OS X for a while. Most of their software is pre OSX. OS 9.2 is in my opinion and experience with editing video is near rock solid.”

“When there's only a £50 difference between the CD-RW eMac and the 600MHz iMac, whose going to buy it?”

“There's always a need for a cheap, baseline product to drag the punters in.”

“Stockpiles of LCD iMacs suggest not.”

“The last time there was too much variety in the line up people got confused and didn't buy them. Also production costs were higher. Best idea is to keep the like-up simple and homogenous as possible.”

“The more you buy the cheaper it is, so ditch the G3 and make the G4 the base CPU. It'll mean cheaper Macs for everyone!”

“Assuming that Apple goes with really fast IBM G3 chips and takes the iBook to 32MB of VRAM so that it can run OS X 10.2 at speed, why not stick to G3 machines for a while longer?”

“There are very many real situations where even a G3 exceeds a user's needs by a long way. If Apple are ever going to generate the market share they need, then they have to make their products accessible to all those people out there who aren't professional.”

“eMac is cheap and much better than iMac.”

“Increase the RAM and cut the price. Apple needs to get as many people to buy Macs. Cheaper price will help win a load of people over.”

“The form is a Design Classic!”

“Most people's needs as far as home computing go are perfectly met with the original iMac. Has anyone seen the size of the fan in the G4 eMac? It’s like a Rolls Royce aeroplane engine.”