Mac users would rather spend Valentine's Day with their mummies than Bill Gates.

Gates received just 2 per cent of 1,389 Macworld reader votes in a poll to determine who, or what, they would choose to accompany them on Valentine's Day.

'Mummy' was the (worrying) choice of 3 per cent. Another 4 per cent opted to the fantasy of spending Valentine's with the man himself – Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Reassuringly, almost half of Macworld readers will be opting to spend Valentine's Day with the wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend.

Yet disturbingly, other will be alone with their Mac hardware. The G5 received 15 per cent of the vote, while the G4 PowerBook will be accompanying 11 per cent of readers – maybe they'll take it to a crowded restaurant to share a plate of oysters.

Only 9 per cent of readers will be sharing Valentine's Day with their iPod. If music be the food of love, don't play on.

Finally, 8 per cent of Macworld readers will be spending Valentine's Day by themselves. But all may not be lost; Apple is urging such souls to "meet the one you love as if he or she was as close to you as your Mac".

Apple has joined forces with AOL to offer video conferencing between iChat and AOL instant messenger – widening the number of potential dates out there for Mac users.