MacExpo London seems set for success once again this month, with around one-in-three Macworld Online readers who voted planning to attend.

Macworld UK asked: "Will you be attending MacExpo London", requesting that only UK readers vote in the poll.

Given that Macworld's huge daily readership comes from across the planet, and that the UK is plagued by expensive transport prices and busy roads, the results should be reassuring for the event organisers.

Of 539 total votes, 166 readers (31 per cent) plan to attend. However, 113 votes (21 per cent) don't think it's worth showing up and a substantial 218 voters (40 per cent) think London is just too far away. 42 people (8 per cent) just don't know if they are going or not, yet.

Readers request special show deals

The mood is generally buoyant. One typical respondent claimed: "I have been for the last three years now and it has been great every time. I did feel that the last one was the worst so far, as there seemed to be less special deals than before. I would strongly recommend MacExpo to anybody who is into Macs or is thinking of getting a Mac."

It appears that extra value attracts curious users: "I have been every year since the launch of Mac OS X. The first few I went to were really good, with many free demos, tutorials and seminars. But since the inclusion of the Conference most of the free stuff has disappeared and I can't afford the Conference," one reader complained.

London isn't trendy anymore?

For some readers, the fact that the show takes place in London is a turn-off: "I try to avoid London as much as possible.

"I really don't get it why these things always have to be in London. The most expensive place in the country to hold such an event. What about the rest of the UK?".

Another responded: "The assumption is that the highest destiny of interested people are in London. I'm not so sure that is the case. While a lot of business is in London I think there is a trend for small design houses to work out of the major cities. However, I suppose from an exhibitors perspective, if you're trying to sell something London is the place to be."

But for some, London remains the focus of activity: "As a fully paid-up luvvy, working in the creative business, London is as good a venue as any for me. Much as I despise London, I think that holding it anywhere else would be to make it virtually irrelevant as a national event," one wrote.

Taxing times

The exhibition organiser's decision to charge attendees raises problems for some impecunious Mac users: "I went the year before last because I was about to spend a lot of money on Mac stuff. I went last year because I managed to get a free ticket. For me this year, the fact I haven't got a free ticket is a deal breaker," one said.

Apple's special appeal

UK Mac users would be happiest if Apple were to add even more weight to the event: "There's seldom any new announcement from Apple", a reader said, adding, "but occasionally you see something interesting from other vendors."