Wish fulfilment or not, Macworld UK online readers think a Mac mini media server is the most likely product to debut from Apple tonight.

Apple will present new "fun" products during a meeting at its Cupertino headquarters today. Macworld Online asked readers which products they felt the company would be most likely to reveal at the event.

We asked readers to choose between an Intel iBook, a Mac mini media server, an iTunes movie store, a Product RED iPod, a revamped iPod shuffle, an iPod phone or "none of the above". The voting was fairly evenly split, with the Mac mini media server emerging as favourite.

That option attracted 232 votes - or 28 per cent of the total 838 votes cast by the time of writing.

Runner-up was the Intel-powered iBook, which attracted 162 votes (19 per cent). iTunes movie downloads grabbed 130 votes (16 per cent) of the vote.

Other results were: 'True' video iPod, 119 votes (14 per cent); None of the above, 97 votes (12 per cent); A mobile phone/PDA, 49 votes (6 per cent); a Product RED iPod, 18 votes (2 per cent). Suggestions of a revamped iPod shuffle took just 31 votes (4 per cent).

Reader comments confirmed that second-guessing Apple is a slightly less-rewarding task than herding cats. One reader sadly wrote: "It'll be a video iPod with WiFi.m I know this for definite as I've just asked for a PSP for my birthday."

The reader's reaction sums up the feeling of some Mac users, particularly those who acquired a G5 iMac before Christmas - scant weeks before Apple introduced its Intel iMac.

Others speculated on the form of Apple's new wave of gadgets. "It'll be a flatter, smaller Mac mini media centre, but possibly not dual core. It'll have a remote and an iSight camera; Front Row will also be updated so it can stream movie downloads," one reader guessed, adding, "whatever it is I just know I'll want one".

Front Row appears a reader favourite for an upgrade. Little features such as its inability to link with EyeTV or to remember where a viewer last stopped a video clip, in addition to its occasionally slow performance, led one reader to write: "What I would like is Front Row 2. The version available at the moment is no better than a beta."

The final words go to a reader who is expecting a sound somewhat above a whimper, but - at least for the UK market - a few decibels below a bang: "I suspect its going to be a movie download service, US only and possibly the much-rumoured rehashed Intel Mac mini with a media focus but still lacking integrated TV tuners," the reader wrote.

Whatever the outcome, analysts seem more wary of predicting Apple's moves these days. "All we can know for sure is that Apple says tonight's announcements will be fun," one analyst said this week.

Apple will reveal the news behind the rumours at an event held in Cupertino beginning at 10am Pacific Time (6pm UK time).

Stay tuned.