Answering the recent Macworld Reader Poll, "How can Apple raise its market share?", voters were divided between whether Apple should cut its prices or spend more on television advertising.

Nearly all voters saw these two choices as the only ways forward. 44 per cent voted for " More TV advertising", and 43 per cent clicked on "Cheaper Macs".

The closest alternative was the more radical " Thinking more different", which registered nine per cent of the vote. Just one per cent believed that Apple should "Think less different".

A valiantly retro one per cent thought that Apple should scrap its fancy colours, and return to an "All-beige line-up". Interestingly, even less people, (0.003 per cent of the vote) suggested that more colour choices would help Apple increase its market share.

New poll In the light of last week's terrorist attacks on America, Apple has cancelled its flagship European show – which had been due to start next Wednesday in Paris. Apple claimed that it was for the "safety" of its "users and developers".

The new Macworld Reader Poll asks “Was Apple right to cancel Apple Expo in Paris?".

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