Almost one third of Macworld online readers have 2Mbps broadband connections at home.

Of the 2,081 voters, 30 per cent had a 2Mbps connection, 22 per cent boasted 8Mbps, and 17 per cent had a 1Mbps connection.

Another 7 per cent have 10Mbps, with 7 per cent more enjoying 20Mbps connections.

Almost 10 per cent are working with a 512Kbps connection at home, and another 4 per cent are surviving with 56k dial up internet connections.

Only 8 of the 2081 voters had no web access at home.

Whether the actual connection speed matches the connection speed claimed by the ISP is another matter. Speed tests will show the true connection speed, and some of the writers on Macworld’s forum have found that they often experience less than half the claimed connection speed.