Recent news that developers have managed to create technologies that let Windows boot up on a Mac, and reports that Apple has joined an industry group that measures Windows performance, has set tongues wagging.

What if Apple plans to make Macs capable of running Windows as well as Mac OS X?

While most Macworld Online readers don't want or need Windows on a Mac, there's a hefty contingent who would benefit from such technology.

We asked: "Why would you want a dual-boot Windows/Mac?". A total of 2,446 readers voted in the poll. Results noted below:

I need applications and features that aren't available for OS X: 736 votes (30 per cent)
For games: 366 votes (15 per cent)
For the hell of it: 299 votes (12 per cent)
Windows is cool: 41 votes (2 per cent)
Don't want Windows on my Mac: 953 votes (39 per cent)
Don't know: 51 votes (2 per cent)

While many readers reject the notion, others thought there could be an advantage to a dual-boot Windows Mac, assuming the solution was reliable.

"I think electronic media designers, creators and developers would find this dual boot idea useful. Currently, most responsible electronic-media people working on a Mac would test their work on PCs and Macs," one wrote.

However, some readers noted that the time taken in order to reboot the machine to double-check work would negate any advantages. They favour running Windows in a virtual environment on their Apple computer.

"I cannot see the benefit of dual boot if the only way to switch between OS is to reboot each time. This would play havoc with workflow."

Many readers consider that while dual-boot Macs could be of limited use, pro users would need "Windows in a virtual environment as seen in Virtual PC".

"If an emulated Windows environment can be created under OS X, so that people can run Windows apps within OS X, then that would be a much better solution for many," they noted.

Many also consider that enabling Windows to run on a Mac may be a killer argument to attract switchers: "Having Windows (in a Virtual Window) on a Mac, if nothing else, must be a good persuading point for current PC users to switch."