While Apple's notebook range is seen as a "great line-up" by many, a chunk of Macworld UK readers would welcome an Apple sub-notebook and desire a 12-inch MacBook Pro.

A recent Macworld Online reader survey asked what's missing from Apple's notebook range and a grand total of 1,463 readers chose to vote in the poll.

Small is beautiful

One in three readers (524 votes, 36 per cent) would welcome a small-form-factor notebook from Apple. And for a quarter (382 votes, 26 per cent) of voters, the MacBooks aren't enough - they want a full-featured 12-inch MacBook Pro, to replace the once-popular 12-inch PowerBook.

In general, a fifth of voters are satisfied with Apple's current portable range, calling it a "great line-up" (324 votes, 22 per cent). A small percentage (13 per cent, 191 votes) of readers who voted would welcome a 15-inch MacBook, while just 42 voters (3 per cent) want a larger MacBook Pro, implying the top-of-the range 17-inch MacBook Pro offers enough screen real estate for most.

Modem matters

The forum thread debating the question revealed several insights into what readers want - and despite Apple's protest that we are moving toward a broadband world, at least one reader resents having to spend £30 for a separate modem. Others want more easily available and economical, user-serviceable parts.

But it's a sub-notebook Mac that dominates discussion.

"The market for the ultra-compact Sony-style laptops is where Apple could totally clean up," one reader remarked.

Another observed: "Photographers often walk around for 12 hours or so with lots of weight. We want smaller laptops - but maybe that's too niche?"

The reader explained that equipping such a device with a "small amount" of flash memory would "be fine", as such a device would regularly be backed up to a full-scale Mac.

The 12-inch PowerBook conundrum

For many readers, the MacBook doesn't suitably replace the 12-inch PowerBook.

"I've got a 12-inch PowerNook. When i replace it I want something a bit lighter, but with no compromise on features," a reader remarked, adding. "This shouldn't be an unreasonable thing to ask for as the existing 12-inch enclosure is over three years old. There's no way I'm lugging something heavier or larger around (the MacBooks) as that would feel more like a downgrade than an upgrade."

Price was also raised as a concern. Perhaps there's a market opportunity for a cheap, less-well-featured MacBook. Apple needs to bring the budget buyer into the fold," a reader wrote.

You can see the topic discussion, and add to it, on Macworld UK's busy Forum.