When Macworld asked 'Which is best for you: Desktop or Portable?', we didn't expect the tide to have turned so heavily towards PowerBooks and iBooks.

Only 17 per cent of voters plumped for desktops, with 35 per cent owning or planning to buy a portable, and 38 per cent in favour of having both.

"Now the speed difference is trivial between Desktops and Laptops, why bother with a huge bulky blob?" asked one rather rude Macworld reader.

"I just ordered the 667MHz TiBook, and I'm replacing two PC computers - a laptop and a desktop with this, and getting a better machine to boot. Wow!" screamed another reader.

"I use a G4 Ti as a replacement for my desktop machine. As a freelancer, I no longer have to work on the old crap Macs often found in studios; I bring my own!" said one happy PowerBooker.

Although some readers wanted the world, a PowerBook G4 and an Apple Cinema Display: "I need a light thin small portable with a 22-inch screen. Why can't I have it all?".

Dual power "In the video industry, I need the expandability of a desktop for additional video and sound cards, but I also need the portability of laptop editing," explained one dual user.

"I'm disabled, and being tied to a desk isn't always possible. Being easy to network, having an Apple desktop and laptop is a perfect choice for me.," said another Macworld reader.

Some desktoppers poured scorn on the portable lovers: "Portables are overpriced, underpowered fashion accessories," said one.

One wise voter summoned up the spirit of Eric Cantona when he commented: "A man with two houses loses his soul. A man with two computers loses his database."

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