Apple's titanium PowerBook G4 remains a firm favourite with the Mac community, a Macworld Online poll shows.

Asked “Is it time for the PowerBook G4 to get a facelift?” 68 per cent of respondees said that the laptop's titanium appearance should stay.

A quarter of the 833 polled believe the titanium look should be replaced, while seven per cent were undecided.

One reader pointed out the advantages of the laptop's hardwearing exterior: "The use of titanium is what sets the PowerBook G4 apart from its Wintel competitors. Even now, there’s still no direct equivalent. When one uses a PowerBook G4, one is assured of using a laptop that’s better than most in withstanding the rigours of day-to-day use."

Another reader enthused: "Armour rules."

"I've owned a titanium now for just over a month and I love it," was another reader's verdict.

One reader harked back to the golden age of the PowerBook G3's "black curves": "I still prefer the black curves of the PowerBook G3. Unlike the titanium iBook, no other laptop looks the same."

However one PowerBook owner was less effusive, commenting: "I can only think the large percentage of people who want to keep the titanium aren't PowerBook G4 owners. Mine has just come back for the third time from Apple repair. The paint bubbles and scratches easily and is the main reason this design should go. Fan noise is also too high, as is the heat it generates."