More than quarter (29 per cent) of Macworld online readers voting in this week's poll plan to visit Apple's Regent Street store, but don't intend to actually shop there.

However, nearly a fifth (19 per cent) say they will shop at the Apple Store on Regent Street.

Almost a quarter (24 per cent) will continue to shop at Apple's online store, a crazy 15 per cent say they will "move to London" now the store is there, and 14 per cent plan to stay loyal to their current Apple retailer.

For many who intend to shop at the new store, the decision is based on an expectation that Apple's London shop will be "at the top of the pecking order for getting stock". With Apple resellers plagued by stock shortages, shoppers are not confident that they will be able to get their hands on the products they want, other than through Apple directly.

One reader writes: "If the stock gets diverted to Regent Street, leaving dealers nothing to display or sell, their future won't be as an Apple dealer."

The price is right

Others think that Apple may be best placed to offer the most attractive pricing. And, notes one, if they follow in the footsteps of Apple Australia and offer a price matching policy, traditional Apple resellers will struggle to compete.

Then again, the added competition may mean that shoppers get even better deals out of traditional resellers. One reader notes: "If Apple allows the independent dealers to get stock freely, then I think that the dealers who provide added value will flourish."

One reader says: "I will shop around as usual, and if the Apple Store has it in stock, at the right price, then yes I will buy from them."

Another adds: "I am quite mercenary I'll always be tempted by price, advice and service. Does that make me an Apple Tart?"

But some are attracted to buying schemes that Apple does not offer in its stores. For example, one notes: "John Lewis has a good two year free warranty upgrade plan."

Expert advice

Others will visit the store because they anticipate that that is where the real experts will be. "I'm looking forward to being able to talk to a salesperson who might be able to discuss issues arising in a meaningful way. It's something that most dealers haven't been able to do with anything other than seriously mainstream applications," writes one reader.

For some the idea of being able to get their hands on Apple products the same day is the attraction. One reader says: "The thought of being surrounded by all that lovely Apple gear, and not having to wait for ParcelForce to bring it to me is too much to resist".

But other readers are put of by the location of the store. In central London parking can be an issue, and the Congestion Charge keeps many away. One reader writes: "Maybe Bluewater or Birmingham will better suit my needs when they're open. Less glamorous than Regent Street, but much more practical as I'll be able to park nearby".