Over a third (39 per cent) of Macworld readers voting in this week's online poll plan to attend MacExpo in Islington's Business Design Centre next week.

The 39 per cent figure is the result of combining three different groups - 13 per cent who say they "never miss it", 9 per cent who will be there "for the first time" and 17 per cent who will "be there again".

Another 28 per cent want to be there but can't be for one reason or another, and it's "too far away" for 23 per cent of readers. MacExpo simply doesn't interest another 8 per cent of Macworld readers. And "not after the last time," was the response of 3 per cent who definitely won't be there.

One reader says: "I have been every year. The highlight for me was when Apple had the original iPod at the show back in 2001."

Another reader is looking forward to attending the Macworld Conference. "The seminars are fun," he adds.

However, "I won't be there because London is the pits of the world," was the response of one reader. Another wont be there because: "I am not in the market for any kit, and frankly, looking at computers or software is not my idea of a fun day out."

"I will be but only because I have a free ticket and happen to work up the road," is the poor excuse for one reader.

It's all in store

It's a big week for Apple UK next week. MacExpo takes place in Islington on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and the Apple Store opens on Regent Street on Saturday - with plenty of special events planned for Sunday and the following weeks.

A number of readers intend to attend both the Expo and the Apple Store opening.

"I will be visiting the Apple Store, after the Mac Expo closes," says one. Should Steve Jobs turn up to open the Store he would "seriously reconsider joining the queue in the early hours".

One reader is particularly keen. "I will be there for the opening of the Expo, do Thursday and Friday, and then I'll start queuing for Regent Street on Saturday morning."

Whether Mac fans that usually come from far and wide and stay in London hotels for the duration of the show will this year be camping out in front of the Apple Store to save some pennies isn't clear. One reader predicts: "No doubt some people are going to camp out," adding: "Anyone care to bet what day and time the first person queues up?"