When last week’s Macworld poll asked “What new hardware would you like to see Apple launch at July’s Macworld Expo New York?” we were surprised that over 11 per cent of the 2,000-plus readers who voted plumped for Apple to release a Windows PC!

Other readers were equally stunned. “A Windows PC is third?! What’s the world coming to?” choked one aghast reader.

“Why on earth would anyone want a Windows Mac? I thought it was a joke question to make us all smile. What are these people thinking???” another stunned voter commented.

“What moron wants to see an Apple windows PC? PCs suck – that’s why I use a Mac. If you have to, buy Virtual PC,” suggested one angry voter.

More pro power Aside from the Windows-loving voters, 26 per cent of readers ignored the possibility of a revamped iMac, and demanded Power Macs with GHz G4 processors.

“We need GHz!” demanded an exasperated professional user.

“Dual GHz is the way to go” opined one optimistic Power Mac user.

“Speed is the only thing that will really drive sales,” added another pro-G4 voter.

New-look iMac Second place in people’s Expo wish lists (with 22 per cent of the vote) was for a flat-screen iMac.

“I would definitely upgrade my rev B iMac if I could have lovely big flat screen,” cooed a voter keen on a new system.

“A headless iMac with digital and analogue video would be the best for me” added another.

But many believed that adding an LCD screen to a new iMac would push the price too high – despite the sudden drop in flat-panel prices.

“Keep the iMac as it is. If Apple adds a G4 or a non-all-in-one flat-panel screen, the price will skyrocket” worried one fan of the current CRT iMac.

Only 8 per cent wanted an iMac with a PowerPC G4 chip inside. And a mere 5 per cent demanded a 17-inch CRT iMac, which, at one time, was the number-one desired iMac advance.

“Since the iMac is Apple's biggest seller, and Mac OS X is going to be for every Mac, the most sensible thing would be to put G4 chips in iMacs – matching the platform to the operating system” pointed out a pro-G4 iMac reader.

Mouse squeaks Over a hundred voters (6 per cent) called for Apple to add a scrolling mouse to its input range. One voter asked for “a two button scrolling mouse”. “Come on, Apple - I'm sure we're all dextrous enough to handle two buttons by now.”

As many people that wanted an Apple-branded Windows PC asked for an Apple-branded Palm handheld PDA – with the usual cry for a return for the Newton…

After the 5 per cent who wanted faster PowerBooks, the rear was brought-up by 31 votes for new iBook colours, and 29 for a smaller G4 Cube.

New poll Macworld’s new poll asks the question: “What is Apple missing from its range of software?”

Your options are: iPicture; iFax; iWeb; iSpeak; iUtilities; iBackup; iDTP; iMath; Bugdom Pro; and, iDon’tKnow.

Vote now!

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